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Spice up your Site:

Adding a YouTube video to your wedding website

More and more of you are wanting to add some video to your wedding website. So much fun! Whether it’s a Save the Date video, a video of your engagement or a video just welcoming your guests and tell them you can wait to see them – it’s a great addition to any modern-minded wedding.

For those who aren’t as familiar with this aspect of the web, here’s a quick video on how to add video to your site using YouTube.

Before you can add your video to your Glösite, First you’ll need to upload your video file to YouTube and make sure that the video privacy settings are either turned to “Public” (meaning it will show up in internet searches) or “Unlisted” (meaning only those with the link are able to view, and the video won’t appear in web searches.) Then just follow the steps outlined below:

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